I kinda just jumped right into this blog without any introduction or explanation. Procrastination is a constant state for me. I have gazillion great ideas & plans & I really want to go out for a run, but nine times out of ten these things never happen. If I wanted a blog to happen, I needed to just do it. I could always go back and make it pretty/explain myself.

A week ago my husband (let’s just call him Mr. Sugar Mamma) suggested I might want to start my own blog, you know, instead of him posting photos of my creations on his now inactive travel blog. Who would have thought! I made excuses and tried to put it off. There are so many kick-ass baking blogs I follow right now (which I will link to soon, I promise)!  No way I could improve on any of those, or even come close!  I was discouraged, but then I realized I do not want to have a kick-ass baking blog with a devoted following. I don’t want to blog, I want to bake. So instead my goal is to establish a virtual test kitchen for my dream bakery.

When I drive to work, when I go for a run, when I surf the internets in search of fancy shortbread flavors, I fantasize about my bakery; My menu, my color scheme, my work hours – absolutely everything! Someday I will open Sugar Mamma Bakery. But between now and then I have a lot of baking to do, and feedback to get. And that is where the blog comes in. I am going to try all those things I think will be great on my menu, and really nail down the best ones, and then chronicle it on the blog. My friends who are close by, and who see Mr. Sugar Mamma on a regular basis will reap the rewards initially. Eventually I’d like to set up a system where I can collect shipping and  mail out an assortment of what ever I’ve got going on in the Sugar Mamma Bakery. All I would expect in return are your comments & undying devotion. And maybe a cook book off my Amazon wish list.

So for right now, here are the bakery/blog hours of operation:

  • Monday through Wednesday – Recap the previous weekend’s baking adventures.  Include recipes if I feel up to it. (I am already falling behind schedule!)
  • Thursday & Friday – Plan my upcoming weekend.
  • Saturday & Sunday – Rock it out in the kitchen, post photos of the action as it happens! Drink wine. Swoon over desserts. Alternately love my blog & curse my blog.

What ever goes on in the kitchen, be it success or disaster, I will always love you, dear readers, like I love butter and sugar.  So please give a read and let me know what you think or what I should bake next.


5 thoughts on “Rewind

  1. Hey Chris,
    This is wonderful. We’re really proud of you. Love it….combining your love of baking with your talents for writing!
    Mom and Dad

    • Thanks Mom! Please be sure to weigh in with your comments and suggestions. Your insight is hugely valuable around here. You will be the topic of a future post, which will elevate your status from mere blog commenter to Source of All Baking Greatness!

  2. This is too cool. Too bad Grandma isn’t on the internet as I am sure she would be thrilled to “watch” you carry on the family baking tradition!

  3. I’ve added you to my favorites so I can follow all your baking adventures. I’ll also try to make sure grandma gets a chance to see what you’re up to, she will be very interested. I admire your energy and motivation, all this on top of being a great mom!

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