Carb-ohhh Loading

I am still trying to overcome my bread hangover. The last four days were spent shoving as many different home made cookies and home made bread items into my face as possible.  Maple Short Bread, Peanut Butter Bacon Cookies, Croissants (best batch yet),Bagels, Magic Morning Muffins, Soft Pretzels (total failure, so I had to eat most of them myself) Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Bark, Breadsticks and Pizza.

Even after all that I was still hoping to come home and test out the mini bundt pans I found again as I was cleaning and organizing the kitchen last night at 10 pm.  But there was pizza to be made tonight for dinner,  a pan of brownies and a sink full of dishes clamoring for attention.  Anyway, I haven’t posted all weekend, and I am determined to get caught up.  Photos right now, full run-down to come.  Enjoy.


One thought on “Carb-ohhh Loading

  1. Where are the care packages going? Everything looks and sounds so delish-I’m gaining weight just reading about all the goodies!

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