Happy Valentines Day

krispie love

It is the first night in a week that the oven is not currently in use.  The boys are watching Harry Potter movies, and I am in bed with a glass of port and my lap top.  Really, not much else I could ask for, except for maybe some grilled steak. I was all ready to eat dinner then test out an idea I had for Chai Latte cookies…until, while my back was turned, the dog ate my steak dinner off the counter!  The best I could do after this setback to was retire to my bed with a drink.  Dog wasn’t even the least bit sorry, either. But I guess if I’d eaten that steak and a batch of cookies, I would have a tummy ache, so I suppose I should be grateful.

Now that all my baked goods have been eaten, sold, given away or mailed out I desperately need to get caught up on my blogging. I owe you all a post about my Chandon sparkling wine club night and my BAKE SALE WEEKEND. Let’s just say it has been busy and tiring and I am running low on butter and eggs.


scone love



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