Hi, I’m Chris and I love to bake! I love to bake so much it has become a problem.  I don’t know when to stop. If you come to my house for a BBQ I will bake 7 different deserts and there will be no room on the table for any actual BBQ.  I tried giving it all away to my friends, but eventually they begged me to stop; they were putting on weight!

I need an outlet for this obsession.  I day dream about my own bakery, I fantasize about menu items & decor,  I have all the details conjured up in my head, and now it is time to make things happen!

I’ve been baking on a small scale as “Sugar Mamma Baking”, providing treats for some local restaurants. My products have been well received locally, and friends all look forward to receiving care packages when I come to visit.

I am working very hard toward opening my own bakery, something I have dreamed about for a long time.

We are going to call the location SUGAR

I wanted a name that evoked emotion, that was bold and exciting. There are so many different meanings and feelings associated with Sugar.  Is it how you celebrate? A reward for a job well done? Is it how you start your day or finish your dinner? Is it a little naughty, something you try to avoid, yet calls with a siren song?  Does it mean somebody loves you? We call our spouse “honey” and our kids “sweetie”

I think it is pretty clear that baking is my love. Alone in the kitchen at 3 am, the radio turned up loud, the oven slowly taking the chill off the room –  this is when I come alive. The feel of dough on my hands and the scent of yeast being coaxed into life with water and flour. This is what I love. This is my high. This is my sugar.


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