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Get ready!

Starting a food blog is a great excuse to go shopping. In addition to kick ass baking, the blogs I love best  are chock full of  vintage linens, funky place mats, delicate tea cups and retro plates.  So I’ve been on a quest for some cool items to use to showcase my (hopefully kick ass) creations.

This little tablecloth is one of my favorite finds. I love that it reminds me of my dear friend Tea, whose apartment is filled with cool asian themed art and collectibles.  I want to give her this, but I can’t bear to part with it just yet.  Oh yeah, and it was $0.79.

Not sure how these  S&P shakers will get used, but I could not pass them up.  That is an antique flour sifter in the back ground; useful and looks cool too.

On the menu board for this weekend:

(Sunday) Croissants. We’ve eaten up the batch I made 2 weeks ago, and I am still trying to perfect my technique.  The flavor is spot on, the texture too bread like.  I wonder, is it even possible to perfect a croissant at home? Also,  my take on Tartine’s Heavenly Morning Buns. They use the same croissant dough, but  butter, cinnamon sugar, pecans and currants get rolled up inside like a cinnamon roll.  Swoon.

(Saturday) I need something to take to dinner with Josh and Nupur who will be up at their cabin in Pioneer (Tahoe, but not really Tahoe) Probably going to try out a new one: Ginger-Pear Upside Down Cake.  Also, Apple Maple bread pudding sounds good  and maybe something chocolat-ey.

Stay tuned…