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As you can imagine, I love bake sales.  Think of Kermit the frog, yelling BAKE SALE!, flailing his skinny green arms and tossing his head back and forth.  BAKE SALE!!! That is what I feel like when given the opportunity to bake a bunch of yummy stuff for an audience. BAKE SALE!!!

The theater group the kids belong to, Calaveras Children’s Repertory Theater, is big on bake sales for fund raising. Last week they did their first one of the season on Valentines day. My scones have become tradition at the CCRT bake sale table, so they were part of my contribution. I made a yummy new lemon cake in mini bundt pans, Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark, Peanut Butter Bacon Cookies and chocolate covered krispie treats.

CCRT made in $375 in just 3 hours, I got my bake-on in a big way, and one of my regular readers (who also happens to be my sister) got a valentines care package in the mail.  Yay for BAKE SALE!!!!!

Lemon Ginger Bundt Cake from Martha Stewart: turned out perfect the first time and tastes divine.  What more could you ask for. Make this!

Lemon Ginger Mini Bundt Cakes

Chocolate Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark (AKA) Crack Bark.  The recipe is available all over the the internet, but I especially like the one at Southern Hospitality

krispie love

Chocolate Dipped Krispie Hearts.  The idea came from this Joy the Baker recipe, but be warned, she makes it sound way more fun than it really is.  It is a ton of work to cut krispies with a coookie cutter. My hands hurt just thinking about it.  Next time I will invest in a new, clean pair of leather gardening gloves for protection.  Also, I add red food coloring to make them pink, and spread the chocolate with a small spatula, rather than dipping.

Last cookie

Care package...who will it be addressed to?