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Have I Lost My Mind?

Around here, I’ve got a rating system for my go-to recipes: “Solid”, “Money” and “Have you lost yo damn mind?”

Solid: just what it says.  This is something that does not look like much, not fancy, not dripping gooey with chocolate and caramel, but the cravings will sneak up on you.  When you are flipping thru food magazines before bed you will find your self needing a slice of that pound cake or a nibble of that shortbread. These are my favorite recipes to make for my own consumption.

Money: These are the items that are consistently easy to execute but look like a million bucks.  Something you don’t have on a regular basis.  Chocolate dipped Coconut macaroon cookies are Money.  Flourless Chocolate Cake with Ganache is Money.  These are my favorite recipes to bake for an audience.  You will look like a rock star, and really, who does not want to look like a rock star.

Have you lost yo damn mind?:  Precisely.  This is the kind of thing that, really, you WILL  end up asking yourself if you’ve lost your mind.  Ridiculously involved. A  gazillion different steps and a million dishes to wash. Your kitchen will look like a tornado hit by the time you are finished.  Generally I can smell these things a mile away and avoid like the plague.  Hell, I barely tolerate scooping cookies. I surely am not going to attempt slicing layers of delicate cake, filling and frosting and cooking up fondant.  Waaaaay to many opportunities to screw up.

Having said that, I confess; I love petits fours.  When I was very, very little my Mom was awesome enough to bake petits fours with me, at my request.  I still remember how ridiculously involved they were; cutting mini cakes in cute shapes, trying to perfect a thin, pink icing. Thanks mom, for indulging me and not telling me I’d lost my damn mind (which is totally what I would tell my boys if they tried to pull that stunt).

Just trying to figure out how to correctly spell petit four I pulled up a recipe that I might be tempted to try…ugh, someone please tell me I’ve lost my mind!