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Ginger Pear Upside-Down Cake

I’ve been invited to a sparkling wine tasting party in a few weeks, and of course, I begged to bring a dessert, or two or three.  Did a little re-search regarding what would pair well with bubbly.  Apple. Almond. Pear. Shortbread. Awesome. The free-form Frangipane Apple Tart I tested out first was a keeper.  I still wanted to try something with pear.  It is not a fruit I’ve ever baked with before.  I came across this Ginger Pear Upside Down Cake on the internet.  Perfect! Candied Ginger is an ingredient I’ve also been meaning to try.  By itself, candied ginger = gross out.  Paired with cake or scones, hopefully delightful.

A deep baking dish is a must & if you are going to use a spring form pan like I did, make sure to wrap it in foil so the melted butter does not leak out all over you.  Slice the pears thick.  The cake took about double the time to bake which meant there was not much left of the pears to sink your teeth into by the end.

Overall, I loved the ginger and the caramel-ey topping.  The pears did not add much to the overall flavor. Vanilla ice cream is a must. I gobbled up my piece and finished Mr. Sugar Mamma’s. I would not pair it with bubbly, for sure.  It just seemed to sweet and heavy.  I wonder how my Meyer Lemon Tea Cake (AKA Lemon Bread) would be like with some candied ginger…Stay tuned.  We are just now entering Meyer Lemon season.   I’ll also be  posting about the Apple Frangipane tart next week. And I really promise to work on my food photography skills.


All Baked Out

Here are some photos from last night and this morning.  Not quite ready to write about each effort yet.  Just waiting to go for a bike ride with the fam.  My first bike ride in 13 years.  That just sounds unlucky

Ginger Pear Upside Down Cake

Magic Morning Muffins

(So freaking good!)