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All Apologies: A post in which there is no baking, just lots of oversharing.

I have to apologize, it has been a bit quiet around here.  I avoided baking and avoided blogging for over a week. I needed to “dry out” after a pretty spectacular sugar-carb-tv watching binge two weekends ago.  That’s right, brought to my knees by fudge and PBS.

It began innocently enough. The small amount of fudge I had left over from a President’s weekend project was not getting eaten, and was quickly heading into inedible territory.  Normally I would have tossed it or sent it in someone’s lunch.  But since I’d already tossed an entire batch (my first attempt turned into chocolate concrete) I hated to waste it.  So I had a piece, it was tiny.  This was followed by four more tiny pieces in rapid succession. Delish. An unusual move for me – I’m not really a big chocolate fan/sweet tooth – but I felt good knowing it would not be going to waste.  And there were still four more pieces if any one wanted some.

Then, I did something else I rarely do, I decided to watch some TV. And when I say TV, I mean what ever shows I can find to watch on Netflix streaming on my ipad.  It was Thursday night, the kids were in bed and I had about a half hour before my usual bedtime.  I started with “Jockeys” – a hokey reality show that appealed to the thirteen year old horse racing fan in me.

After a half hour, I was still not ready to go to sleep, but couldn’t bear another cheesy episode of Jockeys…  So I went there. Somewhere I knew I did not want to go, but had to. I went to Downton Abbey.  If you have seen this show, and I am assuming most everyone on the planet has seen this show, you know what I am talking about. It is TV crack; immediately and incredibly addicting.

Sure enough, within minutes I knew there would be no going back.  Normally, I might watch one show a week, something light -The Soup, maybe 30 Rock, but I am a complete noob when it comes to serialized drama.  I was like a 15 year old girl having her first wine cooler (sorry, I am dating my self here). So good. Can’t stop. Don’t care.

Two hours later I turned off the ipad and tried to sleep.  I tossed and turned. Damn that fudge! Sugar and chocolate coursed through my veins.  Oh Joy! I could watch more shows! I practically skipped to the kitchen for a large glass of wine (it will help me sleep!) and resumed the insanity. I finally called it quits sometime approaching 2am.

The next night, instead of baking or blogging I was back for more Downton Abbey, again until well past my bedtime, fueled by fudge and red wine.  I didn’t care, I was hooked.  Saturday and Sunday passed by in a fog of ridiculous plot twists, treachery, unrequited love and gorgeous velvet frocks.

Concurrently the kids were immersed in Harry Potter (movie, video game and book). I think everyone but Mr. Sugar Mamma adopted a British accent that weekend. I might have even curtseyed once or twice.  Smashing! It all seemed quite brilliant at the time.

And then it was Monday morning.  I’d wrapped up season two late in the day Sunday, barely slept, eaten all the fudge, a bunch of other junk, and even gotten into the bottle of port.  There was nothing left to do but dry out.  The thought of baking or even nibbling on anything sweet just about killed me.  So I roasted pork carnitas (another post coming soon) and got lots of sleep.  And now I am back.  Hope you did not miss me, and no, I am not looking for any suggestions for good shows to watch.

And because this is a food blog, here where I learned how to make fudge. It turned out pretty awesome, once figured out I needed a candy thermometer.